(Registered under the Society Act 1860)

Improving the life of under privileged through development & training


SWARA has been working on the below subjects for empowerment of women and for providing proper protection and education to children:

  • Women Welfare Programs
  • Child Development Programs
  • Legal Awareness Camps
  • Health Awareness Program/ Check-up Camps
  • Handicrafts Training and Exhibitions
  • Other Programs

Women Welfare Programs
SWARA has been organising for various vocational training programme for women in the below trades:
  • Computer Training
  • Cutting & Tailoring
  • Art & Craft
  • Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing
  • Candle Making
  • Other skill training like making pappad, pickle, incense sticks, masala etc

It has been taking such programs for small group of 20-30 women per batch between age group of 18 to 40 years with the goal to help these women start their own work and get extra income for their better living

Child Welfare Programs
Education is the right of every child and it is only through improving access to quality education and health services we can bring a difference in the lives of the unprivileged.

SWARA has always been focussed towards providing education to children so that they have a bright future. It has been organising educational awareness program for children wherein learning materials like books, copies, pen, pencil, slate have been distributed among the poor children upto primary level.

Legal Awareness Camps
The main cause of exploitation of any strata of society including women is ignorance. Unless you are ‘AWARE’, you cannot fight against exploitation of any kind.

SWARA has been organising legal awareness camp, especially for women, to make them aware about their rights wherein free advice is given to the people and free literature is distributed among the participants.
Health Awareness Program/ Check-up Camps
Health has always been a major issue of which the unprivileged has been deprived of and it is one of the most important factors which can contribute towards the uplifment of the poor and unprivileged.

SWARA has been regularly organising health check-up/ awareness camps which makes women aware of their health conditions. At the camps free medicines are also distributed enabling the women to recover possible health problem.

We have also been conducting AIDS awareness program focusing on how to avoid its transmission and ways for its treatment.

Handicrafts Training and Exhibitions
Providing handicrafts training and organising for exhibitions for handicraft products to help artisans has been one of the key interests of SWARA. We have been organising for handicrafts training for people of lower income, especially women, and also organising for exhibition of their products locally, so as to help them learn new skill and use it for extra income and better living.

Other Programs
Other programs where SWARA has been involved are as below:

Consumer Awareness Program- The association has been organising consumer awareness program for the awareness of consumer rights and its protection especially for agriculture’s products and food items

Environment Awareness Program- Rallies, drawing competition and meetings are held to create awareness to keep the environment clean and green and protection of trees and plantation including nurturing of new trees.

Cultural Program- Cultural program, essay writing and painting completion has been organised by the society to promote traditional folk art and to encourage budding school artist.